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Nightlife in Olomouc

This is for my English speaking friends who always ask me about my writing and about how I have been. It is also for me, to see if I am able to write a meaningful text in English.

Moving to Olomouc was a happy decision, however, sometimes I am not completely happy here. I mean, sure, life is good for me, but you know, I have been living with my parents for almost 6 months now… So it gets little bit tricky. Most of my friends, and especially the single ones, stayed in Prague and I have to admit it is not always easy to just go out in Olomouc. I am one of those people who do not mind going alone to cinema sometimes, but not every time. I do not want to become that lady who always visits cultural events alone, or worse, with her dad. All my Olomouc friends have babies or boyfriends and I do not blame them or envy them, it is just difficult to have them just for myself sometimes. I know, call me selfish, but it is actually hard to come back to your town and feel like a stranger here. And do not get it me started about the possibilities for meeting new men…

However, this week was good, because my best friend’s boyfriend went away for work so we made a plan for every day:

Monday – good old cinema, not that one in the shopping mall, but the one where we used to go with school, where the seats still have the same colour, maybe just a little bit shabbier. Moreover, we went to see an Ukrainian independent movie so we felt like adults. Unfortunately, the movie was all silent because it took place in an boarding school for deaf-mute kids. At least we had fun guessing what is going on or trying to dub the characters. The second half was rather scary, it was actually a very violent and sad movie and I was scared to go home afterwards because the streets of Olomouc were completely empty at 22:00.

Tuesday – a concert in the Jazz Tibet Club, club which I would barely notice when I was growing up in Olomouc. It is actually right opposite to the cinema from the night before, but it used to be a weird place where old people would go, at least this is what I imagined as a teenager. Now I am the old people and it seems to be the only decent place for me now. It is a small club/pub with kind of Irish atmosphere and a couple of days in a month they host concerts from musicians from all around the world. It is a special place for those who know about it and can appreciate unconventional music. This week it was a returning artist, a Brit based in Prague, James Harries. There was just enough people and James is a great story teller who knows how to talk to the audience in between songs. His music makes you smile and feel good. In the second half he started to play more nostalgic tunes and I felt his music touched my heart. Everything froze for a second, like the whole world around me stopped and it was only me listening, in the middle of the crowd, enlightened, devoted to the music. I imagined turning around and seeing the man of my dreams coming out of the crowd, but it did not happen, obviously. It cannot happen yet because I am still in a phase when I radiate negative energy, or maybe not really negative, but not the good one. Not the one a man wants to be around. I am still mourning, I am still hurt. At the same time I know there is something missing and I want to feel the warmth of a man’s body again, I really do, but I do not know how… To connect again with someone, let alone my own body, seems like an impossible task right now. However, James Harries’s music made me want it and that is a good sing, I guess. Somewhere deep inside me something really wants to feel love again.

Wednesday – pub quiz with my best friend again and her colleagues from work. The only thing I knew was which country has a newly appointed prime minister (and a woman) because it was France. I drank beer and laughed at my lack of geographic knowledge. At the end, my friend went home and one of the colleagues suggested to go check out the Majáles (university students celebration) concert. Why not, I thought, it is a rare possibility to go to see something happening in Olomouc on a Wednesday night so I should not miss it… Well, I should have. Because the only thing I remember is ordering one Cuba libre at the concert and then I basically went numb. I am not sure if it was the call for love that I discovered the nigh before that made me drink so much or I just cannot hold alcohol anymore but I woke up in the morning with no idea how I got home, terrible headache, toothpaste all over my feet, bruised finger and my trousers had grass marks everywhere so I must have fallen down somewhere. No idea. Complete memory loss. I checked my phone. Some crazy photos of my face and one new connection on Instagram. Twenty years old guy… Alright, I should check my ID and maybe not use every possibility of a weekday party in Olomouc.

Thursday – I barely survived the day. In the evening I needed to go check how the construction is going in my new flat and those 100 meters from my parents house seemed like 100 kilometres. The construction guy in the flat guessed right at the door what my condition was so he offered me some of his Coke and explained very slowly the next steps of the construction. I thanked him and crawled back home.

Friday – my best friend boyfriend is back in town so I went for a yoga lesson, got angry with myself about how flexible I used to be and am not now. There was a French movie screening in one of the Olomouc new cool places so I wanted to go but then it started to rain a little bit so I decided to stay at home with my parents, watch an old black and white movie and enjoy some JOMO (joy of missing out). Slept like a baby. And that is what is so great about nightlife in Olomouc – most of the nights you get a great sleep.

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